Petite Anistaija Masturbating

August 29th, 2011 by admin

It’s always nice to see more naughty shoot of our favorite amateur porno model and when Petite Anistaija decided to fuck herself with the famous “Blue Worm” we were there with camera in hand to record Petite Anistaija masturbating again. In this super hot Glass Mannequin shoot, Petite Anistaija manages to stuff the fat blue sex-toy all the way into her super tight shaved little cunt – but that’s not all, she continued to masturbate until she had achieved multiple orgasm while playing with her sex-toy.

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Anistaija’s Cute girl snatch Peaks Past Her Panties

Of course, we desire to see this petite girl fill her tiny cunt with the sex-toy so as soon as she had her panties off, she stuffed the substantial sex-toy into her little girl cunt, and she doesn’t disappoint us. It only takes a few minutes and this cute girl is arching her back as she moans in pleasure as the big sex-toy finds it’s way into the deepest parts of her tight little snatch – stretching it to its limits. If you like the girl next door look of this hot girl, then check out all of her amateur videos on Glass Mannequin today.

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Anistaija Masturbating

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Richard Nailder Turns 50

August 23rd, 2011 by admin

Someone asked me the other day what it was like to be getting older. My immediate answer was “it’s better than the alternative”  – but seriously, my 50th year started out better than I ever could have imagined – with a surprise orgy put on by three of my favorite Glass Mannequin girls – Indica Young, Maxi Booty and Gracelynn Moans. Indica has had a key for a while and so the girls were waiting at my place when I got place. They had put up birthday balloons and were waiting in their pajamas for me to get place.

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Richard’s Surprise Party

I relaxed with the girls for a bit and made sure I took a few images of the teenagers with my phone so I could share them with my friends. Maxi had grabbed a camera to make our homemade video clip and was in the corner filming me with her friends as I snuggled with the teenage girls. As much as I love girls in pajamas, I was very happy when then the girls decided that they wanted their pajamas off and soon they were running around unclothed – showing off their impeccable little butts and shaved little twats – just begging me to fuck them all.

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Birthday Pictures

The neighborhood girls started out by taking turns sucking my 50-year-old pecker and I doubt there are better amateur cocksuckers anywhere in my neighborhood. Indica does this thing with her tongue when she gives head that drives a man crazy but I refrained from filling her mouth with jizz until I had the chance to stuff my fat old pecker deep in each of their wet little girl twats.

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Two teenagers Sucking An Old Man’s Cock

In this picture, Gracelynn was holding the camera as Maxi played with her wet little cunt and Indica was climaxing while riding my puffy pecker – I was a little surprised to see Maxi so eager to fuck the other girls as she always said she wasn’t cunt-muncher – but I guess even the straightest girls love cunt when the mood is right. Of course, Gracelynn and Indica are very bisexual and both of them love a wet cunt as much as they love a hard pecker – this just contributed to the fun we had in this old-and-young orgy.

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Richard Nailder Gets His Birthday Present

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Blaze Burnz And Thena Sky Take Turns Sucking Schlong

August 17th, 2011 by admin

There’s nothing better than a teenage cocksucker – well wait…….  two teenage cocksuckers is defiantly than one and in this set, Blaze Burnz and Thena Sky are taking turns sucking the thick penis of the smut star Richard Nailder. Seems Thena needed some lessons on giving blowjobs so Blaze stepped in and gave her a few pointers.  Of course, after giving fellatio, the two young moms wanted some penis and who wouldn’t be happy to slide his throbbing penis deep into the tight shaved twats of these two horny teenage moms?

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Thena Sky And Blaze Burnz Suck Cock

In the second hardcore picture, the tattooed Blaze Burnz is riding Richard’s fat penis as the petite mom leans back and kisses her girlfriend on the lips as Richard eats her girlfriend’s wet shaved cunt.

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Blaze Burns Fuck and Thena Sky Fuck Richard Nailder

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My Brother Filmed Me In My First Smut Video

August 11th, 2011 by admin

It’s normal for a sister to piss her brother off – that’s what we’re best at – but when I wrecked my brothers signed football jersey, he was so mad that I thought he was going to kill me. But instead of killing me, he found this guy that makes smut and helped the guy film me in my first smut video. It was bad enough having to fuck to get back on my brother’s “good side” but fucking while my brother watched was a little weird.

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Brother vids His Sister Fucking

My brother kept looking at me with this weird look – like it turned him on to see his sister getting reamed with a whopping hard meat. This old fucker knew how to lick teenager cooch and I was soon lusting to have a meat fucking me – even if my brother was filming it all. The old fucker finally slid his meat deep in my cooch and I moaned loud enough to wake the neighbors. He was fucking me hard and I was enjoying his meat ramming deep in my little cooch so much that for a while I forgot that my brother was there. This old guy knew how to fuck and as I came as felt his hard meat sliding in and out of my cooch. My brother watching through the viewfinder as I shuddered in a long multiple orgasm. The guy then shot a massive load of hot cum all over my firm black ass. My brother still bitches about his precious jersey but he spends so much time in his room watching other guys filming their sister’s in their first sister smut video that he has less time to cum dumpster about the fucking jersey. You can see more sister porn featuring Diva Duz at

My 18 Year Old Sister Fucks Oversized Peckers

August 5th, 2011 by admin

My sister is a real hussy so when she broke my play-station I decided to pimp her little cunt out and make her make a porno movie. When I read this homie’s add in the local paper looking for sister’s that had pissed their brothers off or owed their brothers cash, I called him and he told me he would pay me if i made my sister fuck him in front of the camera. He even told me that he would let the brother shoot him fucking his sister. Hell, this was the faultless punishment for my little cunt sister.

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My Sister Is Gonna Fuck This Old Guy

So I told Violet to go with me and I drove her to this old guy’s place – he invited us in and and asked a lot of questions about what the little cunt sis to piss me off. Then he told my sister that she could fuck him and he would pay me for the broken play station. My sister was a little pissed but I wasn’t letting my sister leave till she fucked somebody. I kinda wanted to see her get fucked by this old homie.

Holding My Sister Down

Old Guy Holding My Sister Down

My sister resisted a little but as soon as the old guy started licking my little sister’s cunt, she started moaning like a little fucking hussy. Fucking little cunt was really getting into it and it didn’t even bother her that her own brother was filming her get fucked.

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Old Guy licking My Sisters teen Cunt

It was kinda hot filming my little sister getting her little teen cunt eaten by the olde guy at Bring Me Your Sister. I was a little shocked at how much the little cunt liked it and it made me a little horny to see my sister’s muffy. Fuck, it got even hoter when the little hussy started rifding his dick like it was a rodeo bull. You can see all of the movie I made of my sister on