Lesbo Cunt Eating

March 20th, 2012 by admin

Blaze Burnz loves schlong but she ‘s not opposed to a little lesbian carpet munching so when her friend Cynthia Jay said she was stopping by, Blaze asked me to get the camera out and video the two in a lesbian sex movie for Glass Mannequin. These two tattooed teenage moms know what they hunger for and they wasted no time on getting naked and taking turns devouring each others shaved little coochies.

Cunt Munchers Blaze Burnz and Cynthia Jay blazeburnz cynthiajay lcm blonde brunette shaved hym gfm gfrnd forgasm

Cunt Munchers Blaze Burnz and Cynthia Jay

After making out for a while, Blaze put her girlfriend on her back, spread her legs and slid her finger into her wet little cunt as she rubbed her clit with her thumb.  It wasn’t long before the tattooed cum dumpster was devouring her girlfriends swollen clit  – Cynthia arched her back, pressing her cunt into her girlfriends face as she quivers and climaxes for the first time.

Cynthia Fingering Blaze

Cynthia Fingering Blaze

Cynthia then takes over, searching for her girlfriend’s g-spot with her finger as she finger-fucked her petite brown haired girlfriend’s wet teenager snatch. Finding her g-spot, the long-haired blonde works her hand in and out of her girlfriends shaved cunt – rubbing her pierced clit with her free finger and bringing her girlfriend to climax.  Blaze then finishes her girl off with an epic carpet munching session – making her sweet little snatch pulsate in rhythm to her tongue……  See it all on Glass Mannequin.

Blaze Munching Cynthia's Cunt

Blaze eating Cynthia’s Cunt

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Friday Night At Tnt’s

March 14th, 2012 by admin

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to sneak out and go to the titty bar so it was real nice to stop by my favorite watering hole and have a beer. As luck would have it, I ran into a few old friends and made a new one. Those of you that frequent this blog know that my favorite titty bar for chillin is letter-perfect TnT’s in Colorado Springs and that’s where I spent the evening last night. To tell the truth – I had planned on staying dwelling and working on editing a new shoot for Real Colorado Girls but Hannah (stripper name Foxxy) called me around 6:30 and asked for a ride to work – and who am I to say no to a stripper?

Anyway, when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that Anistaija (stripper name Sapphire) was again working at TnT’s. Anistaija was one of my first models and still one of the sexiest women I know. In fact, I had been working on a gallery of her pictures when Hannah called me. This gallery was from one of the first photo shoots I had ever done – at the time, she had just turned 18 and was a little shyer than she is now – go figure.

Anistaija (Sapphire) In One Of Her First Nude Shoots plts pierced nipples sfm teen skinny amateur gnd

Anistaija (Sapphire) In One Of Her First nude Shoots

As usual, TnT’s was packed with super sexy strippers and I can only recommend that you stop by and say hi to Sapphire, Foxxy, Porsche, errant “L” (sorry but she dances by one of those forbidin names in the internet world) ;-) – and she’s every bit as young-looking, petite and sexy as her forbiddin name implies. I’ll be back to get more dances from errant “L” next week. Check back to see how I fare :-)

Our First Amateur Teenager Squirter

March 8th, 2012 by admin

OK, I’ll admin it – Glass Mannequin is known for it’s superb amateur teenagers, not it’s squirting teenagers. But when we got the chance to set the petite woman Kyanna Raves and the little teen hussy said she was a natural squirter we jumped at the chance to add a video clip of her squirting. We had first met Kyanna when her creepy brother whored her out for blowing up his microwave. Her mischievous sister smut  video clip was her first but like many teenagers, once the little teenage sluts figure out that they can keep the dough instead of giving it to their creepy fucking brothers they come back and do a few amateur porn shoots for our other amateur sites. When Kyanna came back, we welcomed the little teen hussy and her real whopping titties with open arms. Her squirting video clip started with a handjob and the obligatory wet sloppy blowjob.

kyannaraves teen bnts petite gnd xxxp brunette

Kyanna Raves Giving A Hand Job

Of course, this crazy teen harlot was here to show us how she squirts so after a good fucking, the little harlot got on all four and decided to soak the errant old gramps running the camera.

Kyanna Raves Squirting

Kyanna Raves Squirting

Now I really love petite women but I’m not sure I lust after to be holding the camera when this crazy teen harlot starts squirting – I mean damn, let me set the fucking thing down and stuff my engorged penis deep in her sloppy teenage beaver and finish by pumping a whopping load of hot sticky cum all over her – hell, I’m not the one that supposed to get soaked. Of course, if you like this kind of thing, then Kyanna is the scank-a-licious teen tramp for you. See more of her squirting – only on Glass Mannequin

Squirting On The Camera Guy

Squirting On The Camera Guy

so goodbye for now – and be sure to check out this mischievous tramp squirting on Glass Mannequin today.

Real Girls – Real Sex – Violet Little

March 2nd, 2012 by admin

Super cute brunette teenager Violet Little had just turned 18 when she made her first smut shoot for us on BringMeYourSister.com and she liked screwing on camera so much that she just kept coming back for more. Since Violet lives in my neighborhood she became a natural for RealColoradoGirls.com and now spends a lot of time hanging out at the flat and fucking. Sure, we video it when we fuck and we put most of the homemade smut shoots on the internet for you all to enjoy.

VioletLittle petite brunette teen boobs gnd hym bnts

Violet Laughs After Making A Homemade smut Video

In fact, this perverted young mom is a real blast to have around – and even more fun to fuck. At 4?11? she’s a petite little tease but the tiny thing can handle all 9? of my meat no matter how hard I fuck her. Her massive natural fun bags and her tight teenager pussy make her one of the best pieces of butt a man will ever find. You can see all of her perverted images by joining any one of our three feature sites. Join one and get access to all three.

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