Amateur Girl Having Sex With Older Man

April 25th, 2012 by admin

I love amateur sex and watching an amateur teenager have sex with an older man is my ultimate turn-on. So, when I found this site that has a few free movie scenes of the cute little Lainna White fucking a man the same age as her grandfather, I couldn’t help but share it with you.  I’ll post a few pics and the links – from what I can see, the old bastard warmed the teenager up by inviting her to his hot tub – then finished indoors – tying her to the bed, fucking her like the little harlot she is – then depositing a load of “old-man-semen” all over her precious face.

Say hello to Ms. Lainna White – her perky melons, her immaculate round ass, she blowjob lips and her sweet little teenage cunt.

Amateur Teen Lainna White Getting Her Cunt Munched By An Older Man

Amateur teenager Lainna White Getting Her Cunt Munched By An Older Man

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Now – Imagine this froward teenager sucking on your own cock…..

Amateur Teen Sucking An Old Man's Fat Cock

Amateur teenager Sucking An Old Man’s Fat Cock

Or get in behind the hard-bodied petite blonde as she presents her immaculate ass for your sexual pleasure!

Amateur Teen Booty - Ready For Your Cock

Amateur teenager Booty – Ready For Your Cock

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My Sister Sucks Cock

April 19th, 2012 by admin

I know it’s something I probably shouldn’t know but damn, my misbehaving little sister really did let me set her giving an misbehaving old codger a sloppy oral sex in her first-ever sister porn clip as vengeance for fucking up the stereo in my auto.  It all started when the little skank decided to borrow my auto without asking – I was in the process of installing a new sound system in the auto when she decided to turn it all the way up – bumping like a perverted whore and blowing my amp in the process. And, since the dumb skank is always fucking broke, my freaky sister had no way to pay me back so I pimped her skinny ass out to the froward old gramps at Bring Me Your Sister. Now, my sister is a petite little thing and it was hard for me to imagine her taking such a long throbbing penis so deep in her throat but she did manage to get all of the geezer meat all the way in her mouth – all the while I was right there filming my sexy hot sister, Indica Young sucking the old fart’s long throbbing penis.

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My Sister Sucking Cock

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Pound My Girl Cooder

April 13th, 2012 by admin

Here in Colorado we have fire bans that go so far as to ban smoking in public parks and when Violet Little got caught smoking in the park, she used her considerable charm (and her wet little cooder) to stay out of trouble. Not that I wouldn’t do the same if I had a cooder…. Lucky for us, the naughty neighbor that caught her had his camera with him to record it all for us to enjoy.

violet little busted

Violet Little Busted Smoking In The Park

Of course, if you don’t like watching fee scene vids of hot teenage moms spreading their legs and flashing their shaved little muffins to get out of trouble then either you’r dead or gay. Personally I love petite girls – the nastier the girl the better and the massive breasted petite girl Violet Little is as mischievous as they cream.

Violet Little Sucking Cock

Violet Little Sucking A massive Cock

Of course, flashing her massive natural tits and her sweet little cooder isn’t always enough and as in this case, this little floozy is ready to do what ever it takes to keep from getting busted – so whip out your throbbing erection and imagine it’s you erection she’s wrapping her soft lips around as she does her best to please you.  Now imagine your erection slowly sliding into the warm moist folds of her teenage cooder – then visit Real Colorado Girls to download the entire scene so you can jerk-off to this petite dark haired every day.

Violet Little's Shaved Pussy

Violet Little’s Shaved Pussy

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Your Sister Is A Cum Slut – Lainna White

April 7th, 2012 by admin

Dude, I know you had questions about your sister but bringing her to me so you could watch her fuck is a little weird. I know, I run that stupid add in the local paper asking pissed off brothers that yearn for to teach their little sisters a lesson to Bring Me Your Sister and I’ll teach them to have a little respect for their brothers but Jesus, you were a little too excited to film your sister having sex – in fact, the way you looked at the little jizz-hussy when she first flashed her twat was just a little weird for me.  But I guess she got you back when she let me jizz in her mouth – then spit my jizz in your face….. sometimes filming your sister fucking is not all it’s trumped up to be. Of course, you did stop by and pick up your copy of the film so I’m sure you’re at apartment whoopin your monkey to your sister’s first smut film as I type this….. Enjoy.


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You Filming Me Cuming In Your Sister’s Mouth

Mr Richard’s Neighborhood Friend

April 1st, 2012 by admin

Being the kind neighbor that I am, I’m always ready to help my neighbor’s daughters in any way I can and poor little Violet was having trouble sleeping so I invited her over to sleep with me. Now what could be more neighborly?

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Of course, fucking her tight girl pussy as hard as I can always makes her tired so I do it whenever she has trouble sleeping. In fact, I’ve made over 200 video clips of me fucking the neighborhood girls that live in Mister Richard’s Neighborhood – nasty girls, shy girls, petite girls, tattooed girls, pierced girls and more. It’s good to live in Mr Richard’s Neighborhood ;-)